The Ghosts of Bayou Potomac

Louis Tridico

President Beau Bergeron’s rookie year in office is turning out to be more than he bargained for. As he struggles with a looming military confrontation with China, the ghosts of past presidents start showing up in the Oval Office. While they dole out advice, drink his beer, play practical jokes and ogle the First Lady, Beau tries to figure out if his predecessors are helping him or pushing the country closer to war. Compounding things are his three crazy buddies visiting from out of town. When they get wind of Beau's paranormal visitors, they hatch a plan for some bayou-style ghost busting. But first they have to sneak a voodoo priestess into the White House, along with her pet snake and a very lucky rooster. All under the noses of the Secret Service and a very nosy reporter. As the country moves closer to war, allies prove hard to find. But America's best hope may lie in the ghostly hands of three unlikely heroes from the past.


"Louisiana native Louis Tridico has done it again--combined the humor, mystery, history and myths of the South with a fast moving contemporary tale of what happens when a former Louisiana governor becomes president of the United States. Tridico brings the intrigue and anticipation of danger and wry humor to yet another story of good vs. evil, but this time, far from the murky waters of the swamp to the 'murky' waters of Washington D.C."   -- Rosalind Tuminello

"Thoroughly enjoyed reading The Ghosts of Bayou Potomac. The book was entertaining and also included quite a bit of historical information. It's the White House as I never expected! A great few crazy days in the White House! Mr. Tridico, please keep more books coming! I'm a true fan!" -- Lou Walters


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  • Paranormal comedy
    Language: English / Published: 07 November 2013


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    Louis Tridico

    Louis Tridico is a native of Louisiana’s bayou and plantation country, and has worked in the advertising, PR and political consulting world. He's the author of two novels: Fort St. Jesus Bait & Tackle and The Ghosts of Bayou Potomac, as well as three e-novella thrillers, Draken’s Fire, Viper and Flashpoint. He's set to release his next mystery novel, Redcoat, this spring.

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